Chouette, une nouvelle campagne sournoise de la part de Bouygues Telecom...

I'm not a true fan, waited 1h to look at my emails and only got the notice from @michcio 's post 😔

tofu is stronk and mighty :blobcatUwu:

(Yeah that's the server hosting )

Pourquoi j'suis pas à 42 là :blobcatSad:

Leurs chaises sont trop bien

Honestly I like the idea but "2 slots modules" sound a bit little, and if you have to carry all the modules in the bag to make use of them uhh... but aleast it's upgradeable ig

Yes, it's what you think :blobcatNotLikeThisCry:

What are you trying to tell me spotify

J'commençais un peu à avoir la connexion qui ralentissait au delà de ça, merci Steam

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