Non-french-speaking persons please try to pronouce "Miaourt"

@amaral sure but I'm almost certain it will not be very far lol

@electrocutie I might badly ear but I do detect a bit of "rrrr" at the end but yeah the "t" seemed silent to u or did you had expectations of it being silent since I said it was french ?

@Miaourt yes, a trailing t is silent in most french I've experienced. This is by ad-hoc observation and having a few french friends, so only casual contact.

Two Parisians and one Corsican, in case that matters

@electrocutie but if you where seeing it expecting ur native language prononciation would the T sound ?

@Paradox @Miaourt I'm also on the Meow-urt train, but I also have no ability to pronounce words

@Paradox @Miaourt Same, but now I'm curious to hear how it's supposed to be pronounced.

if I didn't know what it was in advance I'd say, phonetically it sounds like

Mia like momma-mia
ow like I hurt myself
urt like the end of hurt

@p @Miaourt no recording but my answer is one syllable like


@p @Miaourt i would say the T but i know just enough about french to never trust the last consonant of a word.

@Miaourt I made Google speak this in French, but it sounds like "みあうお".

@Miaourt It ends with something like a fricative sound. 「みあうお ッフ」

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It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
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