Would you buy professional services from someone called Miaourt

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@Miaourt I'd honestly assume it was a company name

@calv @Miaourt "Here at Miaourt, we make the Creamiest and Milkiest softwares you could wish from our coding kittens"

@wasabi @Miaourt omg coding kittens is the most adorable thing

@wasabi @Miaourt we need adorable art of a lil kitten with a laptop on it's hind legs and typing with it's front paws 🥺

@wasabi @Miaourt omg

i might steal this for my work slack icon

@calv @wasabi I wish we didn't need to have our faces in profile picture to use it too lol

@Miaourt @wasabi they enforced that and everyone went back to just using our own icons

i never changed mine from link

then again we have namely (which is a HR-y thing that needs our faces)

@calv @Miaourt They used to care at one point but when a bunch of us started putting random shit like Batmetal, Ewoks or Gremlins, they stopped caring. Now there's either a picture of themselves, a picture of an animal (cat, horse, bird) or some random popculture ref (like my anime pic or my colleague's Harry Potter fanart)

@calv @Miaourt Mine is a character from the Maid Dragon anime, like I don't remember which episode but he works at Miss Kobayashi's office and he kinda looks like me when I didn't have a beard and when I had shorter hair so it stayed there for the past 5 years or so

@Miaourt If all I knew was the name and that it referred to a person and not a company, probably not. Otherwise, why not?

@Miaourt as long as the logo isn't a cat spilling milk over a keyboard probably yes, if it is idk, maybe an even stronger yes. Truth is company names are weird, sometimes they make no sense, sometimes they make too much sense and you wish they didn't. As long as it's not hard to type out in an email I'd say it's not a bad one.

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