I really hate that Mastodon have to put remote media post into the disk as cache, I'd like an option to just, you know, use nginx's proxy cache for remote media to not put them on their knees & prevent IP leaks 😩

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@Miaourt I wish it could just proxy images like Pleroma too, the way Masto does it seems so backwards..

@ocean it does make sense as "all in one software" but then it added so much dependencies on many moving that you still need to have plenty of proxy / db/ etc to support it anyway...

@Miaourt Yeah, I mean.
Don't get me wrong Oshie loves loves loves Mastodon but the way it does remote media is kinda frustrating. it results in some media being broken too

@ocean Oh right that might be one of the reasons masto do store them, being able to have multiples size for bandwith and no slow ass gifs ig

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