I feel like it's possible to have varuint64 inside a maximum of 8 bytes but nobody seems to be doing so, I'm scared

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@Miaourt you need at least one extra bit than the size of the largest int that it supports though, right? otherwise some value would alias

@cyberia @ayo Yeah seems like I should be targetting 2^64-1if I want it to be variable

But even when targetting this implementations ends up with 9 bytes

A friend made me notice it was surely for performance and lexical ordering reasons

@Miaourt yeah, presumably for the same reason that booleans are stored in 8 bits

although if you're using a varint you're clearly optimising for space, so maybe bit-packing a 65-bit value isn't totally unreasonable

@Miaourt You mean, encode a uint64 value in a variable-length byte encoding of which the length is not available from its context? Intuitively, keeping the encoded form within 8 bytes for all values sounds impossible to me; both a uint64 and 8 bytes have 2^64 possible values, which leaves no room to encode the length.

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