Electronics friends, what would prevent us to have hot-swappable ICs like RAMs chips with like just small plastics clips to prevent it from moving in the socket...

"Electrics paths" wouldn't be much longer, no needs for all the DIMMs thingy, and we might be able to, user service our ram chips ?? Even on an Apple M1 tightly coupled monster ?

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@Miaourt Costs would go up to the roof, it would make more sense to keep the possibility of replacing ram chips by hand.
The annoying part is that you would need to find the exact same chips and possibility re-tune the ram stick a bit (all RAM sticks come with a small chip for identification and few other things like tuning).

Not an expert but soldering already isn't perfect and even a cracked joint can mean giant problems with sensitive components, sockets have to be very good quality and very tight so very expensive. Not worth it for cheap boards.

@Miaourt because ram chips are BGA, the simms would be *way* bigger
also IIRC the tracks have length requirements so that would be pretty hard to make reproductible
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