So, is now on Debian 11
- 馃惓 Newer docker runtime (tried the new podman 3.0 available on Debian but still not transparent with docker-compose, and the versions that improve that are released too recently to be in)
- 馃捊 New Postgresql, using version 14 (I know, it's still in it's 3rd beta release, but backups are mades lol), allowing us to move quickly to the stable version when it will be (soon) released
- Some improvements there and there

@Miaourt Oshy is on Elementary OS 6 for the sleek Mac-like GUI, but I do miss my Debian...................


@ocean pantheon isn't avaible on Debian ?

Web 1 0 1

@Miaourt My brain too small to figure out how to do that 馃惥

@ocean still I think it's better for u to use Elementary if u want... well, elementary's thingies

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