Ah, finally someone started a clone of discord

Idk how it work yet, maybe it's a weird centralized discord but "foss"

Just tested, it's really just a Discord clone lol

And sadly, a centralized one, so giving 0 advantages vs discord lol...

I think a foss software would benefit from having a model like mumble or teamspeak, with Discord's UX, like being connected to multiple parallel servers...
They absolutely refuse to include any sort of federation potential.

There have been a few threads about it here on the fediverse.

@Miaourt well there is still the option of self hosting that which you can't with Discord, so it has that going for it at least. Maybe we'll see federation in the future? Hopefully?

@talon @Miaourt It does not appear on the roadmap though, but there are some bridges

@Miaourt i checked back at #cabal and it looks like the project is still active. it tries to take the discord concept completely p2p.

chatting, connecting to cabals and staring your own does work. but there is probably still a lot of bugs to iron out. but it looks like they are doing a lot of things right.

@sofia (hi, long time no spoke !) I liked cabal technical side but I think there's too much left on the user's inputs making it complicated to use, but it's great as far as I remember (but no voice chat nor channels like Discord)

@sofia (kinda fond of hypercore and all thoses log-based data designs lol)

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