Best cases for macbook air m1 I'm lost they all looks cheap how tf there isn't a full business for laptops case with this price yo aaaaaaa

@Miaourt Don't buy a case. Buy a skin from someone like dbrand. Works way better imo. Protects from scratches and hopefully you keep your laptop in some kind of bag when traveling.

Also generally looks nicer

@quad yeah skin was also on list but... I can't even open it without touching the glass panel directly I'm sweating

@Miaourt really? Isn’t there a rubber bumper or something on the edge? Mine has

@quad there's a very thin one yeah but it's thin and uh my finger still touch the glass side if I open it you seeeee

Also tempted in "mate" screencovers 👀

@Miaourt Personally I never put much of a fingerprint on mine opening it, and my sister has had my 13" Macbook Pro for like 3 years with no real issues either, so it's probably fine.
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