Firefox's redesign isn't as bad as I thought last time, they improved it quite a lot since :blobcatMeltThumbsUp:

Seeing compact option gone is sad but I never used it at the first place so lol

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@Miaourt it's not gone btw, you have to enable it in about:config

@jeder Oh, nice catch !
But given where it is it's kinda on the way to go no ? Also we lost the sexy tab insight text :blobcatGiggle: (that basically tell the same thing as the icon but in a more text way)

@RafiX they are pretty and compact, and you can't missclick the close button when selecting them in a busy tablist, what else do you want ?

@Miaourt it looks like shit, and some spacer between tabs

@RafiX taste aren't something anyone can do lol
There's as much space between them than before

@RafiX wait sorry : less space between tabs given that the cross to close them is gone when inactive

@Miaourt @RafiX What I found the most awful, is the spectrum colour line, it just kill eyes, just a crap like 90's web sites/Mac OS X, but I don't care too much about aesthetic, space is the most important, I work with it and look at pages content don't contemplate interface. The good point is no more pocket, other things nobody use in URL bar. Did you noticed that search bar in new page just forward the text input to url bar?
@Miaourt @RafiX Else with little more usage, alerts/changes and there colours are globally better.

@popolon @RafiX spectrum colour line ?
Didn't used search bar in years (decade now ?), used to "omnibox" url bar serving as url and search queries

@Miaourt @RafiX

* spectrum color line in hamburger menu, ugly like mobile version.
* there is a search bar in the middle of default new page. There is an option in prefs to separate search/URL to avoid that any mistaped sensible url leak go to google engines/database for example (basic security issue)... Why does Google was the first to mix both in Chrome ;).

Happily I have another search bar at top of firefox beside old style menu, I keep them only for that :).

See the attached screenshots here :
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