Just finished up to the last chapter of Komi-san and...

:blobcatSipGlare: I alway pick uo when there's like 1 or 2 chapters left that will take _months_ to be released amiright ?


Btw gimme some chill mangas like that I need them

Bonus if plot isn't _again_ highschool-y

@Miaourt the most comfiest manga i know is yurucamp~ :nadeshiko_1:

but yeah... highschooly ^^v
@Miaourt the anime is even comfier.. with the music and breaks... :comfy_cirno:

@mezzodrinker tried a bit the anime after finding this nyanpasu thingy fun but... Well, I found it very very boring :blobcatSmileSweat:

@Miaourt If you don't find it enjoyable, that's just how it is, I guess. :blobcatShrugGoogly:

@Miaourt ehhh it's mostly the usual school stuff except the girl can freaking hear people's thoughts

@Miaourt To Your Eternity? Pas sûr que l'on considère ça comme chill :thinking:

Sousou no frieren
3-gatsu no lion
Oyasumi punpun
Yagate Kimi ni naru

Pas de highschool dans le premier
Un petit peu dans punpun
Beaucoup dans les deux autres

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