TIL that my laptop also have a simcard tray...

After the videoprojector module, and docking port, what will I discover in the future ?

@Miaourt well, more about cellular... I was fighting with drivers for this shit in a tablet at work

@RafiX oh, I guess mine doesn't even work anymore... Like it's "slip fingerprint reader" I haven't got it workin yet

Lot's of internal PCI devices unknown :blobcatNotLikeThis:

@Miaourt oof

well, here it was necesary, the drivers were working and it was connecting.. just to show "no internet connection" and that APN is missing, despite APN being added
@Miaourt dunno how that happened, but i was fucking around with drivers for it from some laptop, it started showing 1 internet connection instead of 2 and it's working, I hope
@Miaourt yeah those two days were just full of drama, stress and raging
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