When will we have "lockdown" and "covid" animes ?

@Miaourt Hopefully never鈥

I feel like the only way Covid would be reference is in an apocalistic setting or with some programming nerd having levelled up their elite level a lot during it

@Miaourt can't wait for people to say "wow this manga has lockdown, it's a ref to covid!" when lockdown is basic measure for dangerous virus control (tho not global lockdown like with covid, but still)

@Miaourt "Crossbone Gundam Ghost" was a story about deadly space bacteria ... though it's not animated. The pathogenicity was so high that there was no "space colony lockdown" or such measures in its story development.

@love :blobcatThonkang: indeed, but aren't japan kinda a mask-heavy place before covid ? (Thus present in many manga/anime)

@Miaourt well my mask is special COVID mask, painted over unmasked girl.

@love ohhh, smart smart

Now you need to paint a whole comedy manga about covid life :blobcatUwu: !

@Miaourt No I鈥檓 too scary about COVID. Pure nightmare. Maybe that鈥檚 why no manga? Ppl trying to forget it. Too many ppl around is dead.

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