I'm tryin the Spotify adventure, trying to train their algorithm for them to know the musics I would like better than me

For now it's kinda meh 😔

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Maybe this will be the end of "Léo, the guy who listen to the same musics since years 1 or 2 times per month"

Yes, it's what you think :blobcatNotLikeThisCry:

What are you trying to tell me spotify

@Miaourt do you check Discover Weekly and New Music Friday?

@Miaourt dayum. I switched back to English on my phone so this is going to be a bit weird...

@Miaourt on the explore page, there should be a section that says “for you”. If you go there, you’ll have access to playlist curated specifically for you

@mune oh, yes, I kinda tried, but for now it's like just mixing the songs I already listened to, or songs I liked

@mune oh, they weren't there the past 2 days tbh, let's goo

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