Help me understand this, math friends

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@Miaourt Spontan茅ment je dirais que c鈥檈st une sorte d鈥檌nclusion鈥?

@Miaourt I've never seen that relation before, but what that equation is telling you is that 鈯 is an identity element with respect to that relation

like, 0 is an identity with + because x + 0 = 0 + x = x

and 1 is an identity with 脳 because x 脳 1 = 1 脳 x = x

@Miaourt the V is a subscript on the operator symbol by the way

it looks like it's some kind of fancy disjoint union symbol:

@cyberia consider that my math level is highschool tier, and not even good back then :blobcatSmileSweat:

@cyberia Oh, the 鈯 is defined earlier, so I understood it a bit better.

If you want the paper where all of this appear

According to @epi that would be this

@Miaourt @cyberia

Yeah, that's what they say, in Section 2:

> In this paper we use the formulation of CRDTs as a join-
semilattice on replica states, that is a CRDT is a set of possible
states V with a symmetric join operation \sqcup.

I guess they also require the bottom element _|_. Exercise for the reader:
If V is a CRDT (join-semilattice) and K is any set, then `K -> V` is a CRDT

@epi @cyberia Eh, my brain kinda fast-seeked to the next word I would understand, kinda worked until then x'D

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