And everyone, here's the gift ❤️

cc @ilovecomputers for many ideas, and @rye & @ocean who served quite some inspiration for the first batch of content uwu

You don't know how much I had to work with artifacted pokemon diamond credit screenshots and ended redoing most of the image for the backgrounds :blobcatSmileSweat:

Okay I should have ironed many bugs at startup of the vid

Nini now uwu ilu everyone ❤️

You can now view the credit on the phone without it being displayed like it's a desktop website !

Forgot this "viewport" boilerplate :blobcatGiggle:

I want a doodle of Guresuke and Eidon doing music together :D

Oops, uploaded a new version of the audio but the original one was cropped a bit so it messed up the timings

Okay, timings issues should be solved, sorry for inconvenience, please refresh if you had a bad experience / credits not synced with the music !

bug report 



This is not loading video, only audio. Tested on debian 10 running Firefox and Chromium. Also, Windows 10 running firefox and Edge.

bug report 

@automaticorange the trick is to let the audio load a little, and seek back to the beginning of it, sorry for inconvenience xwx

@Miaourt @ilovecomputers @ocean awww Man I can’t see it on my phone I’ll look as soon as I can get on a computer!!!!!

@rye @ilovecomputers @ocean why can't ya ? Made it to work on it technically :o !

@Miaourt I absolutely adore it!!! :blobcatHeartHug:

I appreciate you being an awesome instance admin, Miaourt. Thanks for letting us tag along with you!

@Miaourt glad i saved this image for jus such an occasion as this

@Miaourt An excellent send off for what was the best community online.
I met so many great friends there, had lots of good times, and all that.

In the credits scroll I noticed @che5hire 's name and then noticed that mine was near hers!
I made it into the Niu credits uwu

@Miaourt Thank you for hosting such a great community and being an excellent daddy

I mean admin

@Miaourt It's honor! I'm glad that I finally was able to contribute for niu :blobcheer:

@Miaourt it still doesn't work on ios, i don't have a debugger with me but maybe you could reencode it into a format apple understands?

@leip4Ier well, it's not a video, it's JS and CSS animating a bunch of html elements

@Miaourt i think it's music that breaks it. i see 00:00/00:00 on the timer.

@leip4Ier ooooh, made ogg vorbis and mp3, but maybe I badly encoded them...

@Miaourt hmm i thought it'd support at least one of them. safari is kinda flaky with encodings, like it can't do 4:4:4 mp4 videos or display those with a too high resolution. i dunno..

@leip4Ier aaaa, sorry but timings are kinda messed up right now xD

@Miaourt it doesn't render a credits scene in my browsers (firefox of chrome.) dunno if i made the credits anyway. :comfyeek:

@icedquinn let the audio seek a little and go back to the beginning, manually, should work

Ya in the credits I think

@Miaourt Omg you went above and beyond :blobcatBigSob: Thank you so much. This is so lovely! :blobcatHeartHug:

@Miaourt im not crying ur crying ;w;

Thanks for being such a great admin, Mia-chan! Great animation too, very impressive! :3

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