Btw I only boost stuff with medias if thoses have decent image desc, just in case someone do wonder

That sas because there's many cool things friends do I wanna share :blobcatSadLife:

@Miaourt One good thing about when google takes over the world's goverments and enslaves us all is at least there will be an algorithm that can autodescribe images

@ocean @Miaourt but someday google will shut it down with no explanation

@ocean feel like it would be easier for us to just spend few seconds to do it tbh :blobcatGiggleSmirk:

@absturztaube no blamy just sayi, didn't wanted some friends being sad bc me no boosty

@Miaourt im so lazy i really need to put some more often~

@a_breakin_glass I find it lacking the yogurt mention, but I appreciate the compliment :blobcatUwu:

Right now it look like ma kitty is getting out of some mario tube

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