Seeing the internet's archive recent flash player (thanks to ruffle) I'm thinking we might need more newsground-like websites & editor for vector animations and stuff.

I mean, low bandwith, very pretty looking, and lots of content possible :bunAww:

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@ilovecomputers Ouch, played a bit with it, it's not as smooth as flash animations could be, it's simply making "frames" an stacking them up, no vector deformations or whatsoever in the output 😓

@ilovecomputers yeah, try it, you will understand x)

(It do create nice step between the two tween states, but it's exported as "1 frame" each time, when you try to swap frame at 60 per second it's really cpu intensive...)

@ilovecomputers I'm regularly tempted to join the iPadOS familly because I love touch devices ergo but 😩 €€€ and friking jail

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