Are we gonna get a made in abyss s2 or I can just read the manga

@Miaourt @lethalbit 3, though the first 2 simply repeat the anime. 3 picks up after that

@Feuerfuchs @lethalbit oh, I guess the "recap movie" where kinda obvious there xD

@hoppet @Miaourt @Ytrezar

Yo mates, a new movie that is a direct sequel just came out last month

@hoppet @Miaourt @Ytrezar Almost everynyan online ignores movies, lots of movies come out that I never knew existed
For example did you know there were two Re:Zero movies?

@Miaourt @hoppet @Ytrezar Also did you know there was a Konosuba movie that came out a while back?
Everyone slept on it, so I didn't know until recently

@Miaourt @hoppet @Ytrezar

Seriously they don't market anime movies well, they are so easy to miss

The Konosuba movie, I have two friends on my Mal who've watched it
Konosuba season 2, I have 17 friends who've watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ocean that's insane when you think about it

and you're right, i only found out about the third MIA movie when a camrip got released >_>

@seiko There is a lot of marketing and hype around TV anime, but movies and ovas don't tend to get the same hype

I wonder if this is the whim of the marketing machine or it's just all by chance

@Miaourt i saw news about a movie release in theaters, including a simulcast in France with Wakanim in some cities, but that was for the spring and, well... 😬

@shad shhh

Seems that it's released tho, under the sweet name of "Made in Abyss: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei"

@shad @Miaourt I grabbed the movie via a torrent here, quite too episode-like for a movie.

@Miaourt you should read manga
But for anime, there are movies for what comes after s1

@Miaourt s2 is a movie, it just came out, i need to watch it

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