Electronics evolved rapidly without any help before. Why can't we pull it again? 

These technological breakthroughs happened in a context of cheap energy. Unless we have a "unicorn tech" (nuclear fusion for example) giving us cheaper energy than 1960's oil, we will never again see these days of extraordinarily cheap energy.

Without cheap energy, we have less energy to divert to scientific advancement, so we stagnate. After a collapse, most of our infrastructure will be destroyed or unusable. The investment needed to get a proper infrastructure back on its feet will be impossible to make without cheap energy, so we won't.

This is why low-tech is so important, because low-tech is compatible with a context where energy is expensive.

Of course, if you believe in unicorn technology, then Collapse OS, and low-tech in general, is futile. Yet again, a matter of belief. I never believed in unicorns.

Src collapseos.org/why.html

Ye it's still something that summarize my opinion on the current tech field

Yet we aim for even more and more and more layers of complexity... :bunGoogly:

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Pol global, fr pol 

Also my anti-market-invisible-hand feeling

We should PLAN, today most economies still up are here because of old PLANNINGS, today I see our tiny part of the earth crumble because slowly EVERY skills are lost as the elders dies

Not do diminish yougsters skill, but they only get the one taught in what remain of our school system, and when on the "job market" ends up flippin hamburgers and get miserable wages :bunGoogly:

Pol global, fr pol 

@Miaourt 5 year plan glorious miawourt ruled fully tehnoprimitivist agrarian gay catgirl communism

Pol global, fr pol 

@papush_ I just ranted about survivalist misanthrope and you put me in the technoprimitivism basket too ? :blobcatSipGlare:

Pol global, fr pol 

@Miaourt idk much about technoprimitivism besides that one futurama episode :blobcatgoogly:
was just meeming

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@Miaourt glorious cyberpunk trans commune?

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@papush_ s o c i e t y

Pol global, fr pol 

@papush_ well, I vote more for simply an human republic

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