Never paid attention to the "national side" of each Euro coin...

aaaa, is that a new gacha ???

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@Miaourt I know ppl that actually tries to have one of each so yeah (?)

@Moni might try in the future

If Euro coins still exist :blobcatHyperThinking:

@Miaourt One never knows, it might be a time-exclusive gacha (?)

@Miaourt I had a book in which I collected them but got bored of it and bought some playstation game with the coins instead.

@eal Wanna do the math to know how much you can have with every different coins possible but uhggg...

Maybe also adding the years ? 🤔

@Miaourt with the current 27 member states it's just over 100 euro, but iirc some countries have joined since then. I didn't do the years or anything, and it was incomplete anyway, there's no practical way for a kid to get Luxembourgian coins.

@eal Ya can't just go to a bank and ask for changing the coin ?
I know thoses tiny states might or might not have the right to have their national face, so un, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein, etc...

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