@enigmatico Yeah, I've basically abandoned the thought of home ownership where I live as well. It's just too expensive.

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All yesterday was filled with spring cleaning, and probably all today as well. Not the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but in the end my living space will be nice!

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Cofe and donut then reorganizing apartment :blobcatCoffee:

Finished reading DNS and Bind book. The last few chapters were mostly either review, or information I wasn't interested in (Windows hosts, Bind 8, resolver library).

Read a few more chapters of the DNS & Bind book. Got about 100 pages to go.

@lethalbit The theme I often get stuck in my head is the hooktail theme. It's so good!

If you haven't played Origami King, the OST is killer FYI. The gameplay is hit or miss for some folks.

What I've been up to. 

Bit of inactivity on fedi, but mostly just been busy with life. Sorta seems like everything got busy all at once, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lately, I've been continuing reading books on things I need to learn properly instead of haphazardly. So the latest thing is DNS, and I'm going to follow that up with configuring a local DNS.

Past that, lots of changes to things like my repo, things are still going very well there. My helper build script now supports bash autocompletion, which is nice. So I can tab autocomplete target names and build configurations and commands like `run` and `test` and the like.

I still am dragging my feet on backups... Which is not acceptable. I need to have a good backup solution. Thinking about using restic instead of my own solution. Anyways, my goal is to have that implemented sometime this month.

I'd like to have offsite backups as well, but that might be further in the future.

Read about DNSSEC today, but it seemed kind of hard to manage. I would like to support it, but it seems a bit beyond my capabilities right now. :(

About 2/3 through DNS and Bind book I am reading. It's a pretty good read if you only have a passing familiarity with DNS.

@absturztaube Oh I have not heard of that, what is it? :blobcat3cSmirk:

As for me, going to setup some local services this weekend (Jellyfin, CDash, DNS, anything else that seems fun to run locally).

Happy weekend! :blobcat3cSmirk:

What is everyone up to today?

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