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I finally got around to adding build targets to my build system. You'd think that'd be the first thing added, but almost everything else I was doing until now was just scaffolding to be able to add build targets.

As of now, I can define targets, they will resolve appropriately (based on their dependencies), identify dependency cycles, and integrate pretty well into the whole build system.

So, my first "project" is a bunch of check-scripts, which can build really basic utilities like hello-world, and echo, and whatnot using these target functions. So I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere - "worked for several months and I can finally build hello-world".

The feature I'm working on now is project separability. I want all of my projects to exist in a single monorepo, but I want the projects within the repo to be as easy as possible to pick out of the monorepo and sync with a separate repo representing just that project for open-sourcing things. This has been the plan all along, and I'm just now implementing that.

The success criteria for this is asking how I can configure the project. Do I have to do it from the repo root? Or can I successfully do it from the project root with minimal (none if possible) code duplication? Both needs to work.

I'm still working on it.

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