If I ask keyboard fans out there for "hackable membrane keyboards" what do you have in stock ?

I'm gonna be honest I like the silicon dome feeling a lot but it's quite complicated to find something nice and small performance oriented

@Miaourt well I'd say I have a bunch of mechanical switch keyboards instead

I don't think I've ever seen a membrane switch board running on a decent firmware like QMK, you could certainly do it if you're handy with a soldering iron though

@6a62 i'd like to get handy tbh

I think I like the tactile side of membrane keebs, where bottoming them up mean actuation, and nothing else, and that actuation force is uh... non-linear ? Like, you can press and until your gave it enough force to actuate then it move ?


@Miaourt this is the only example of someone hacking up a membrane board I could find, but the idea would be the same with any other keyboard: hook up the keyswitch matrix circuit to a microcontroller devboard

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